FLV-Media-Player V2.0.3.2532


The free FLV-Media-Player is a standalone Flash-Video-Player which allows you to watch any downloaded FLV-Video-Media-Content. This utility can come in handy when viewing many FLV and / or H.264 files, as it doesn't require a pre-installed Adobe Flash OCX Plugin. The player has an easy and intuitive interface with many options.


  • Stepless scaling
  • Proportional-Scale On / Off
  • Smoothing On / Off
  • Auto-Rewind On / Off
  • Auto-Start On / Off
  • Loop-Play On / Off
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Menu On / Off
  • Control-Field On / Off
  • Open and save local Files from your Harddisk or WWW
  • Open and play File-Folders
  • Drag & Drop Support
  • Windows CMD Support
  • Media Properties
  • Favorites
  • XML-Playlist (XPL Files)
  • Recent File List History
  • Screen-Capture Function
  • H.264 FLV-HD-Video Support (480p/720p/1080p)
  • Always on Top Function
  • Sleep-Timer
  • Keyboard-Commands / Shortcuts
  • Peak-Meter
  • Needs no pre-installed Flash OCX Plugin!
  • Multilanguage Interface via XML (Currently: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese)
  • No more Installation Required!
  • Freeware: Use it totally free without any restrictions!
  • Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Media Properties Media Playlist Sleeptimer Color Settings Options Menu Update-Check


Verify your MD5-Hash

To verify your MD5-Download-Checksum, use Microsoft FCIV and the following command line:
fciv -add FLV-Media-Player.zip

MD5-Hash FLV-Media-Player

MSI-Version: 8720db74fa66b22a339ce775526f8217
ZIP-Version: 8fae7dcd70e8cefcbed7a806621174ac